The Fairies are weeping by Carragh Sheridan, a gentle and romantic tale under the first snowflakes over a dark, wintry London

Today is available The Fairies are weeping, by Carragh Sheridan, a short story in ebook version, on Amazon.
A gentle and romantic tale, a love story that unexpectedly blossoms under the first snowflakes over a dark, wintry London.

And now an exclusive look at the very beginning of the story, how it all began…

London, 1890.
A sombre bell tolled gravely.
It was half past three and Victoria’s grey eyes widened as she looked through the windows of the large glass door which opened on to the balcony of her bedchamber.
The grey road had been swept by a cold winter’s wind. Very few pedestrians had ventured out on to the streets of London to face the chill of that winter’s afternoon. Few creaking carriages dug their way through the muddied road surfaces. The leaden sky was covered with large, swollen, ever-darkening clouds.Just one half hour remained. At precisely four o’clock the doorbell of the great yet decaying house would fill the gloomy and almost entirely empty rooms with its sound. A dull sound which would signal the commencement of her life sentence.
Mr and Mrs Greenwood would take afternoon tea with Victoria and her parents and would introduce their only son, Edward. The marriage between Victoria and Edward, to take place two days later, had been established for some time by the two families, but the two young people had never even seen each other. For weeks it had been the talk of all the city. The wedding of Lady Victoria, daughter of Count Ashton and only descendent of that noble and historic family, and Edward Greenwood, only son of a successful middle-class family of cloth merchants. She had the name and the lineage, and he had the money. A perfect match, just as their respective parents had thought. A union that would prove advantageous to all parties. The Greenwoods would receive a prestigious title and the Ashtons would have the possibility to change the fate of their noble family name which had by then fallen into disgrace and poverty. Naturally, no one had asked for the opinion of the two young people who would have to spend the rest of their lives together.



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